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Blue Ridge Babymoon

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We recently decided to take a quick "babymoon" for our six year anniversary to the mountains of North Carolina. Not only is it an incredibly beautiful place to visit, it also happens to be where B and I grew up (respectively) and where our families still live. That was one of the main draws to being back on the east coast. We were especially excited to finally take advantage of having a free baby sitter (thanks Gran) for our first night away together in over two years!

Driving out of the city with the mountains up ahead in the distance. 

Travel Tunes

It was a six hour drive (more like eight with a toddler) but we were listening to the Drive by Truckers on the way and feeling mighty fine. (May I suggest playing this song while you look through the rest of the pics.) So good!

Food and Familiar Sights

Seeing as how both B and I both grew up around here, it felt a bit odd to be walking around downtown Asheville as tourists. It was fun though. We hadn't counted on how busy it would be on Easter Sunday (silly us) and all of the restaurants had fairly long waiting lists for lunch. So we put our name down at one of my favorite spots, Tupelo Honey, and did a little of "sight seeing" in the meantime.


After lunch we walked over to Theology Spa on College Street where I had booked a couples message for us. Neither of us had ever been there before but I had heard good things and we were not disappointed. We've had a crazy couple of months what with a new pregnancy, new job, cross country move, house hunting, house buying etc... and our stress levels have been through the roof at times. I figured what better way to celebrate our anniversary and relax into our new life back on the east coast than with a little pampering. B got the deep tissue treatment and I had a maternity message. It was heaven! We walked out of there into a dreamily drizzly day feeling totally rejuvenated and a little bit drugged but in the best way possible.

Fancy Pants

Next we were off to check into our room at the famous Grove Park Inn. I actually went to a prom here when I was fifteen. Crazy, right!? I could have never imagined back then that I might one day be back to celebrate a wedding anniversary with my sweetie-pie. Even more amazing was that we could afford it. I'm not sure how I pulled it off but it was actually a reasonable price for a one night stay. The swanky doors to the Inn were officially opened to the public back in 1913. The architecture has always reminded me of what a hobbit might build were he to run a large and lavish hotel. The main entrance boasts two huge fireplaces flanking either end of the grand hall complete with rocking chairs where we were able to enjoy live music and hot chocolate after dinner. The grand veranda/restaurant overlooking the valley below is also worth a gander. Oh and I can't leave out incredible indoor pool/spa area. AMAZING! Our room was on the 3rd floor and the elevator we took up had been built into the original chimney. Everywhere we looked there were art deco details harkening back to the days of Fitzgerald and the likes. Such fun!


My favorite part of the entire hotel experience was the huge bay window that opened up to lush mountainside. 

Another lovely view

 Mountain Mama and her Man

Happy six year anniversary to us! We were only gone for an afternoon and a night but it felt like the perfect amount of time to regroup and relax together. And by the end we were more than ready to get back to our baby love! What about you? Any good babymoon stories or ideas of great places to get away?


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