Staying Stylish in Suburbia

Dress-up! Do you ever really outgrow it?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today is Halloween and it's got me thinking about playing dress-up. Esmae is at the age now where it has become one of her favorite things to do. She'll go into my closet and pull out things to try on or ransack through her own drawers for inspiration. 

Recently while looking through a bunch of old photos I was reminded of how important dress-up has always been for me. Not only wearing costumes around Halloween but throughout the entire year. It started at Esmae's age but it didn't end there. This blog is a perfect example. My fashion posts are the perfect excuse for me to dress up just for the love of it. 

What I wear has always been an artistic expression of self for me. Our clothes are often the first layer in communicating who we are to the world. They are like the wrapping on a present. Clearly the real gift is inside but the paper is the first clue as to what you might find once you open it up. What else can do that? Even tattoos serve a different purpose because of there permanency. But clothing is like snake skin. The fact that you can shed it to re-create yourself again and again is what makes it so interesting and inspiring to me. 

The Beginning of my Obsession

For a long time all I ever wanted to wear was my ratty pink tutu. Of course there were also times when I insisted on playing stylist to my best friend by making him where the tutu instead. Poor guy. 

Middle School

I was a day-student at a tiny boarding school called, The Arthur Morgan School.  While most people seem to loath looking back at their time middle school years, I feel just the opposite. 7th-9th grade were good years for me. One of the things that made them so great was the fact that self expression and individuality were always encouraged there. At a time when most kids were trying desperately to fit into the status quo I was supported in exploring things like photography, composition and yes even dress-up!

High school

Going to high school in the country didn't stop my friends and I from dressing up in whatever vintage threads we could scavenge and producing our own photo shoots out in fields and forests. Notice the shot with my first car in the background. It was the old family Subaru. You couldn't hear much above the rattle of the engine but it got me where I needed to go. 

Who says clothespins can't be hair accessories?


College of course is known for its costume parties. (Please excuse the quintessential red plastic cups in our hands.) But my friends and I were also known for having so much fun getting dressed up that we sometimes missed the party all together. 


More recently I've had the amazing experience of working with a professional family photographer, Ashley DuChene, on several photo shoots. I got to dress the whole family up for this one which was really fun.

I guess my point is this. It might start out as child's play but whether we are coming up with the perfect Halloween costume or putting together an everyday outfit. Many of us never really outgrow our love of playing dress-up. And there's not a damn thing wrong with that. Rock your style and dress to impress yourself. That's my two cents anyways. Happy Halloween everyone! xoxo


  1. Im not really a fashion person, but your take on things keep me coming back to this blog.

    1. Thank you! That is such a huge compliment. You just made my day! Please feel free to like my Facebook page as well in order to keep up with my posts. Thanks again for stopping by and Happy Halloween!