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Foodie Friday- Farmers Market Salad

Friday, May 24, 2013

Since I'm new to the area I was thrilled when my new neighbor called me up out of the blue last week to invite me to tag along to the local farmers market. First of all, let me just say I LOVE farmers markets. Pretty much everything about them makes me happy. The fresh grub and the friendly faces of farmers presenting the fruit of their labor. What's not to love?

So for this Foodie Friday my suggestion is this- find your local farmers market and explore!

I think it's wise to go with a recipe in mind. Make it simple. Otherwise it can get overwhelming with all the choices. I decided to make a big spring salad with all the amazing veggies I found. That along with a loaf of freshly baked bread and strawberries for desert was the perfect combo.

This was a scaled down (week day) version of what apparently goes down at the farmers market on Saturday mornings. Still it was lively and fun with lots of yummy things to sample and drool over. The pavilion where it is held is right next to the train station. They had it set up so that kids could play in some of the empty cars. Esmae was elated, especially when a real train came rolling through.

Back Home with the Loot

Back at home it was time to get to chopping...

The only thing I added were chickpeas for protein. And while the babe was fast asleep I took my delicacies outside to the green, green grass, laid out a blanket and had myself a pretty little picnic for one. SO GOOD!


  1. Love the food, love the farmer's market, love your town!!!