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DIY Baby Onesies

Monday, June 24, 2013

When it comes to baby onesies the options out there are often limited. It seems like they are all either super generic (pastel pink with flowers or blue with trucks) or way overpriced for something the little ones will grow out of in two seconds. So the other day when I came across this book of stencils in the craft store I got to thinking...why not just make my own? It only took me a few hours and it was such a fun project! Here's what you'll need in case you're so inclined to give it a try.

The Materials

STENCILS - You can either buy a book like this one with the stencils included or you can easily make your own designs with something as simple as cardboard and an x acto knife.

PAINTS - Some sort of fabric paint. I chose this Martha Stewart Multi Surface because it comes in great colors.

PAINT BRUSH - Almost anything will do
PALETTE - You can even use an egg carton
TAPE - Scotch tape works fine

SIMPLE WHITE ONESIE - You can order them here.

The Process

Choose your stencil. Choose your placement. Tape the stencil onto the onesie, pulling it as taught as possible.

Follow stencil with paint colors of your choice and give time to dry before removing stencil.

 The Result

For this particular project I went with an animals and audio theme. How cute are they though!? I can't wait for our new baby girl to try them out! It won't be long now...


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