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Fun in the Sun- 5 EWG approved safe sunscreens

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A friend of mine recently suggested that I do a post looking into non-toxic sunscreens for "busy families." In other words what to slather on those kiddos this summer when they are out having fun in the sun. I definitely worry about my little one. She has such a light complexion and with skin cancer already running in our family I feel especially protective. But while it's so important to stop those UV rays from getting through, studies have also shown that certain chemicals used in many standard sunscreen lotions can also lead to health concerns. In other words it's not always easy to find the balance between healthy and affective. Fortunately for us the Environmental Working Group or EWG has made it much easier to separate the, "terrific from the toxic" by sampling over 1000 products with SPF and coming up with a safe sunscreen guide. Below are five product examples I found on their site. Follow the links at the bottom of the page to order them off of amazon. Otherwise head on over to the full EWG list to find the one that works best for you. Happy summer frolicking everyone!!!

Non Toxic Sunscreen

Take your pick...

1- Badger rated 1
2- California Baby rated 2
3- BabyGanics rated 2
4- Burn Out rated 1
5- Kiss My Face rated 2


  1. Thanks for the links. Are they all either 1 or 2 on EWG's list?

    1. YES!!
      Badger is rated 1
      California Baby is rated 2
      BabyGanics is rated 2
      Burn out is rated 1
      Kiss My face is rated 2