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Maddie the Coonhound

Monday, July 1, 2013

Have you guys heard about this photo project? It started when a guy named Theron adopted a sweet coonhound named Maddie with a particular talent for balance. Theron began taking pictures of Maddie as they traveled across country, compiling a their creative collaboration into the book called, "Maddie On Things." Now the two companions are touring the country again ( all 50 states) on a book tour.  Along the way they will also be working on a new story-telling documentary called,"Why We Rescue?" The new project focuses on how pets have the potential to change our lives for the better.
They will be highlighting one rescue animal story from each state. If you are interested in participating you can click on your state for a chance to share your story.

  A Few of The Photos...

I think anyone who has ever rescued or loved an animal can relate to this project. And if you haven't, here's your inspiration. I mean how freaking adorable is Maddie!? Such a sweetie and quite the model too.


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