Staying Stylish in Suburbia

Baby grunt-grunt and music making coffee

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let's talk about things that go together well...

Summer and Swimming- YES!
White Chocolate and Pretzels- YES!
Hipsters and Beards-YES!
Newborns and Sleep- NOT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turns out our new baby is a grunter. As in she makes grunting noises a lot. Esmae has even given her a new nickname. She calls her baby grunt-grunt. Apparently this is somewhat common with newborns. I remember Esmae grunting a little bit when she first came home from the NICU but Mazzy takes it to a whole other level. You can here her little piglet sounds reverberating ALL NIGHT LONG! I spoke to our pediatrician and she said not to worry. There's nothing wrong with her and it will pass in time.

Meanwhile, although she sometimes sleeps for long stretches at night, it's hard for me to rest with the constant moans and groans. Most mamas will tell you that our ears are fine-tuned to pick up even the tiniest peep from our littles. Just as we are hardwired to want to sooth them whenever they stir. In this instance though there is nothing wrong with her and nothing I can do but lie there between nursing, desperate for sleep but unable to rest. In the mornings I feel like the walking dead. There's no rest for the weary though, especially when you have a toddler who is up and ready to hit the day running.

I find solace in the little things. The one cup of coffee I allow myself in the morning is HUGE. That bitter-sweet brew brings me back to life. A small reward for my nocturnal sufferings.

And speaking of coffee. I'm loving this video by sound designer and composer, Diego Stocco. Known for highlighting the musical quality in everyday things, this clip turns an ordinary cup of jo into an extraordinary auditory experience. Take a listen!?


  1. grunting is better than wailing..i guess ! love the coffee music !