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Ladder Love

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I love the idea of having a simple ladder in the house as a beautiful yet practical piece to decorate with. I'm on the lookout for one to use for throw blankets in our living room. They are always ending up on the floor and a ladder to hang them on seems like the perfect solution.

This rustic reclaimed barn wood ladder is lovely and a great price.
This one from Pottery Barn is nice too but way more expensive.
I'm also considering going the e-Bay rout.

Here are just a few ideas that get me inspired. What do you think?

A place for towels in the bathroom 

A display knickknacks and artwork

A lovely addition to any entryway or hall

The perfect kitchen rack for pots and pans

A great DIY bookshelf

A stylish storage solution for blankets and throws

1. Source bathroom ladder
2. Source for Knickknack display
3. Source Hallway Shelf
4. Source kitchen rack 
5. Source DIY bookshelf
6. Source Living room throw shelf


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