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Missed Connections Illistrated

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I LOVE this! You may or may not know about the "missed connections" listings on craigslist. A place to post a moment shared between two people but never recognized. A glance or smile shared at a bus stop. A quick exchange with a woman in yellow rain boots at the dog park. A perceived spark with the man who helped you reach for the honey on the high shelf at the grocery store. It is a simple description of a shared moment. An opportunity lost when you wish you had said something but failed. Missed connections provides a second chance. A way reach out into cyberspace in an attempt to tap that person on the shoulder. You post a memory in the hopes that it wasn't all in your head. That the other person might be out there still thinking of you too. It is for the hopeless romantic, the silly optimist or the desperate stalker in all of us.

Inspired by these modern day love poems, artist Sophie Blackall has created a book of whimsical illustrations drawn with Chinese ink and watercolor. In it she captures the hopeful, hopeless and oftentimes humorous missed connection left online.

How about you? Have you ever had a missed connection? Would you ever consider posting it to the internet in the hopes of reconnecting?


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