Staying Stylish in Suburbia

Floppy Fedora how I adore ya!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm a hat person. I wasn't always but in the last several years my love for head wear has grown leaps and bounds. Hats work wonders for the woman who wants to remain stylish without putting an ounce of effort into it. I mean what could be easier than slapping on a hat and calling it a day. No hair product. No blow dryer. I'm sold! Especially as the cooler months approach and I begin the early morning routine of walking my little one into preschool on a regular basis. It is essential that I have a go-to hat to hide my matted mama's mane. I'm particularly partial to the floppy fedora. I just got the one pictured above and it makes me oh so happy. Plus, on a more practical front I was recently caught in a downpour and I could actually see as I made my mad dash through the rain. Bonus!

Here are a couple of links in case your interested in buying one of these beauties...
Etsy Fedora
Traveler Fedora
Free People Fedora
Gilt Fedora

Below is what you might call a bit of hat porn. What kind of hat turns you on?


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