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DIY Geometric Painting

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

With my new workbench in place I decided to try out a new painting project for Esmae's room. I've done tape art before using abstract designs but this time I went for a more specific look inspired by this post by Make My Lemonade. Never mind that it's done in French. I wasn't after the instructions as much as the geometric look and feel of the DIY piece.

Step One

I had two small canvases on hand. They were already painted on so I had to cover them up with a coat of white before painting over them again with the colors I wanted. It took two coats of color. You could use any paint but again I used, Martha Stewart's Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint.

Step Two

Next I used 1/8th inch Scotch Blue plastic painting tape to design my geometric shapes. You could draw it out first but I just eyeballed it.

Step Three

I then painted over the tape with a slightly lighter color than the bottom coat. 

Step Four

After applying two coats and letting it dry completely I carefully pulled off the tape.

Step Five

I had to retouch a few spots because the tape pulled off some of the darker paint showing the white layer below. It wasn't hard to fix though.

Finished Look

And here is the finished project! I decided not to use the pink one I made. It's all about editing after all. Esmae's room is slowly coming along and I love this new addition. What do you think? 


  1. l will be trying this and using it as filler among other wall art. I think I'm going to do a star, though I love the geometric design as well.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post on tape art. I think a star is a great idea for this type of project. If you are interested in getting updates on other posts you might want to check out my Facebook page. Hit like and it will notify you when other DIY projects come up. Thanks again for stopping by!