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Esmae's Cafe Birthday!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Today is Esmae's 3rd birthday. I am in awe of this delightful little creature. From the teeny-tiny 4lb preemie sent home from the NICU with a heart monitor,  to our healthy, smart, funny, sweet, beautiful wild child. My love for her is as fierce as it is forever. 

The Party 

This year we decided to have her party at our favorite local coffee shop. They already host a weekly story time there and have plenty of toys, books and even bubbles to play with. The owner is a musician as are most of the baristas. Their delicious coffee aside I love this place for so many reasons and it ended up being the perfect spot for the party.

You know how kid's parties can feel like a total chore to host or even to attend? This wasn't like that. It was fun and entertaining but also pretty darn relaxing. While the grown ups sat around sipping lattes and chatting in our comfy chairs the kids were happy playing alongside us. That was just the beginning though. We also got a special three man jam session/mini concert (two guitars and a harmonica) that the kids had a blast dancing to. Not to mention the amazing made from scratch chocolate birthday cake they whipped up for us. Hands down the best cake I've had in a very long time. The frosting wasn't too sweet and it was oh so moist. And last but not least Esmae got to open a few gifts from her besties. There were no meltdowns (which is kind of remarkable for this age group) and all went off without a hitch. Best of all our little girl had such a fun time!

Here is how the day went down



Birthday Cake


A Very Happy Birthday Indeed

Happy Birthday darling girl! Daddy, Mazzy and I all love you to the moon and back!!!!


  1. A beautiful time for a beautiful family. Happy Birthday to Esmae ! Reminds me to go look at some photos from my kids birthdays. Everyone says it, but I'll say it again too, cherish this time. It flies by.

  2. Thank you! I know. I already feel like where did the time go!? I'll probably look back at these pictures one day and ball my eyes out. For now I'm just trying to take it all in. Happy Holidays to you and yours!