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Suburban Style Profile 001

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What comes to mind when you think of suburban style? Beige and boring? A jogging suit perhaps? Or maybe it's the desperate housewife look. All dressed up with nowhere to go. People tend to give suburbanites a bad rap when it comes to their fashion sense. The truth is we come from all walks of life and our style reflects a range of interesting aesthetics. Which is why I thought it would be fun to do an ongoing segment on suburbanites whose fashion sense I admire or find intriguing. All in the hopes of allowing the larger Superb in the Burbs community to admire and inspire one another through our love of self expression and style.


Meet my first stylish suburbanite. Shannon is a mother of two who while working in the hotel industry traveled all over the United States and abroad before finally settling in the suburbs of D.C. with her family. I sat down with her at a local cafe to chat about her personal style. 


Q: If you were to name your style what would it be?
A: I guess I would call my style eclectic with a hint of classic. 

Q: How has motherhood influenced your style? 
A: I don't have as much time to put myself together so I need pieces that look great without too much fuss. That's why I tend to steer away from too many accessories. I do love scarves though because unlike earrings they're kid proof, quick to throw on, and can add a lot to an outfit.  

Q: What are your 3-5 essential clothing staples? 
A: Boots, scarves (with different patterns), colored skinnies and an assortment of basic cotton tees to dress up or down.

Q: Is there any person or character whose style you really Admire?
A: I really admire Naomi from the blog, Love Taza. I love how bold she is with what she wears. Also, the fact that she is a mom of multiples and still puts an effort into how she looks is really commendable. It makes me feel like if she can do it so can I. 

Q: Which patterns and colors do you love to wear the most?
A: I love stripes. I have so many different striped shirts in my closet. Blue is my favorite color but when it comes to clothing I really like the color mustard. 

Q: You went to post grad in Europe. Do you think living abroad influenced your fashion sense?
A:  I'm not sure. One thing it did was introduce me to stores like H&M and Zara before they were popular here in the States. I certainly admire French and Italian style. I love how they mix really classic pieces with more current or trendy looks. I also admire how they always manage to look so pulled together. I was talking to my mother about that recently and she pointed out that Europeans don't own a lot of different clothes but what they do own are really nice pieces that they take really good care of. I like that. 

Q: What is a favorite trend of yours?
A: I really love how things don't have to match anymore. I like mixing unexpected patterns and colors together. 

Q: What is your favorite season to dress for?
A: Fall! I love scarves and jackets are a favorite too. 

Q: Which clothes from what decade do you think should make a comeback? 
A: Maybe the 30's and 40's. I really like hats although I have a small head so I don't always think they look that great on me. If I ever found a place that sized them I would wear them a lot more though. 

Q: Why do you love fashion?
A: At the risk of sounding cliche it is an expression of who you are. It can also be a great conversation starter and draw you to people who have similar interests and aesthetics. Meeting you and doing this blog segment is a perfect example of that. 

Shannon's daughter was at preschool but her little boy joined us on the shoot. Like mama like son. They sure do make a stylish pair. 

how cute is this little guy!? Too cool for school!

Loving these light gray lace up boots

 Kinda obsessed with this bright orange quilted jacket too.

Such a great scarf. She told me her daughter said it looked like pizza.

Your Style Mission Should You Choose to Accept It...

And there you have it. A super stylish suburbanite with an interesting perspective on fashion. If you live in the burbs and have a flair for style. Snap a pic of yourself in an outfit that represents you. E-mail it to me along with the answer to the questions above and I very may feature you on the blog as well. xoxo


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