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Winter Wonderland Walk in honor of Solstice

Monday, December 23, 2013

It has been unseasonably warm around here the past few days. It almost feels like Southern California all over again. Not long ago we had our first decent snow though, which was very different than anything we ever got back in San Diego. It was exciting to wake up to blanket of white. We decided to take a walk through the winter wonderland. Everything was frozen and still. The snow crunched under our boots and the icicles sparkled on the branches. As on most days like that it felt a little bit magic, especially experiencing it with Esmae who was dazzled by the whole transformation. Mazzy, on the other hand, was content to stay tucked away in her daddy's jacket. 

George Santayana wrote, "the earth has music for those that listen." I heard the song that day. It was quiet and cold but beautiful with frosty breath and frozen footsteps. In honor of winter solstice, which was this past Saturday, here are a few photos from that wintery walk. 

Happy Winter Solstice Everyone! xoxo


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