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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jackie is a teacher turned entrepreneur. She grew up in Chicago, and lived in Northern California before moving to the suburbs of D.C. where she currently lives with her husband and two kids. A lover of accessories and avid thrifter, Jackie enjoys putting together an outfit and decorating her home with her favorite finds. I met up with her at her house to talk to her about her personal style. 

The interview

If you were to name your style what would it be?
I'd say Classic and Comfortable. I like clothes that are simple and timeless. Nothing too fussy. I like pieces that don't require a lot of thought yet still look put together. Classic pieces also have a longer shelf life because they never go out of style. 

How has motherhood influenced your style? 
I have always been low-maintenance in the style department. After having kids, I became NO-maintenance. I wanted to hide my post-pregnancy weight and nursing made me feel like trying to be stylish was pointless. At some point I realized that neglecting myself wasn't the way to go though. I had lost who I was and that wasn't benefiting me or my family. That's when I turned to to my jewelry.  I still hadn't lost all the baby weight so I wasn't ready to go on a shopping spree for clothes. That's the great thing about jewelry though. It always fits. Once I started using jewelry to pull my looks together my mood changed instantly. 

Motherhood gave me a fuller understanding of the saying, looking better to feel better. Whether it's a trip to the store, the library, or pick-ups from preschool. If it's important to my family then it's important to me. I don't need to save my best outfits for some special occasion. I'd rather feel good about myself everyday. 

What are your 3-5 essential clothing staples? 
A great jacket is a must! Whether it is a cute bomber or classic trench. You get a lot of wear out of them and it's a chance to make a first impression since it's worn over your other clothes. I also love boots and a bold purse for the same reason. They tend to  pull an outfit together and bring in a bit of personality to your look. Button down shirts are my everyday go to. They are comfortable, add depth, and are a step up from a t-shirt. Oh! And boyfriend jeans are my newest favorite. They look great with all footwear- flats, booties, sandals, heels. They're also comfy which is always a plus.

Is there any person or character whose style you really Admire?
I'm a fan of Scandal's Olivia Pope's style. She always comes across as so polished, clean, and effortless. I like how she changes up her basic business attire with an interesting collar or neckline. There's no way I could safely wear that much white though. 

Which patterns and colors do you love to wear the most?
I tend to go with a lot of blue and grey as a neutral to get away from so much black. I've always had a sweet spot for florals too. I like the feminine feel it brings to a look. 

You are an avid thrifter. What is it about thrifting that you love so much? What are some of your all time favorite finds.
I love thrifting for the bargains and the aspect of non-commitment. I rarely purchase anything at retail price, and when I do there's a lot of deliberation that goes into it. Going thrifting gives me that shopping thrill and satisfaction without the guilt. I love finding a good deal for clothes, home furnishings, toys, and books. It's great too because when my tastes or needs change, I have no problem getting rid of things I didn't sacrifice financially for.  

Some of my all time favorite finds are our wooden kids table and chair set ($10),  a Radio Flyer ride on ($5), a brand new red handbag ($7), and a lot of vintage blouses! 

Any tips for thrift store shoppers who are new to the game?
Thrifting can take more time than retail shopping and can seem overwhelming. Go in with a target item you are searching for, like black pants, summer dresses, or cardigans. Having a plan will focus you as you start digging and you will likely find some unexpected goodies along the way.  Also think outside of the box when you see something interesting. I've repurposed children's books, old records, and silk scarves for budget wall decor. 

What is a favorite trend of yours?
I love the mixing of feminine with masculine. The contrasting look of wearing something edgy and hard with a softer more girly piece is fun because it's unexpected. I like doing it in small ways like wearing pearls with a flannel shirt or pairing a sparkly necklace with a basic tee.

What is your favorite season to dress for?
I love Fall. Cardigans, boots, and layers! 

You sell jewelry. What is it about accessories that you love so much? 
I love the power of accessories. They can bring new life to your old clothes and make an outfit look more polished. Larger earrings can be slimming and a long necklace or scarf is a great way to create vertical lines. I also love that jewelry can add a bit of your personality to your look. It's easy to update a basic look with jewelry and much cheaper than buying trendy clothes all the time. 

Why do you love fashion?

Once I realized that fashion didn't have to be fussy, expensive or intimidating, it became fun. Fashion is a simple way to make a statement, show your personality and affect your mood in general

Thrift store finds

This mirror, brass swan, and unicorn corkscrew are a few of Jackie's latest thrift store discoveries.

These repurposed vintage record covers work as great wall art for her kids playroom area.


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