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Why two kids is the right number for us

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

We recently decided that Maslynn is going to be our last baby. If you ask most people, they have an idea about the number of kids they want to have, if any. What works for one family might not be right for another. It's all about making a decision based on what feels best for your particular wants and needs. Then again sometimes it's less about a decision and more of a big ol' surprise. Either way it all tends to work out in the end. That being said, there are so many reasons why it makes sense for us to stop at two. Here are just a few...

Pregnancy ain't my thang 

Kudos to those who find pregnancy to be a mystical, magical experience. I wish I could join that club but I can't. The adjectives I would use to describe being with child are more like f*cking stressful and crazy uncomfortable. I'm already an anxious person and there are just so many things to worry about when you're growing a life. We have two perfectly healthy little girls now. Why tempt fate thrice? Also, my body is just now beginning to shrink down to it's normal size again. Call me crazy but I don't really want to go back to feeling like waddling blob that has to pee every five seconds and spoons a pillow instead of my husband at night. Also, I like wine.

Money can't buy you love but it can pay for college

With two kids not only will we be able to help them out more with college but we will also be better set up to provide them with experiences like travel. I'm no math whiz but four plane tickets are cheaper than five. What about summer camps? What about extra curricular activities? If one of my daughters tells me she wants to be a broadway singer and needs a vocal coach then I want to be able to afford that for her. If the other one tells me she wants to be an astronaut then space camp it is. Basically I'd like to be able to give them what they need without it completely wiping us out financially.

Booty wiping be damned 

We are finally getting this potty training thing down with Esmae. That doesn't mean my booty wiping days are over though. Oh no. It simply means that the whole operation has shifted over to the commode. Not to mention Maslynn's diaper days have only just begun. I figure I have at least four more years ahead of me if we stop with these two. I don't think I have more than that in me. 

Because babies and toddlers can't white water raft

There are so many things I'd like to be able to do with our daughters. Simple things like camping or even watching a movie in a theatre. All of those things come with the next stage of childhood though. You can't very well take a six month old white water rafting or expect a three year old to sit through the ballet. I also look forward to having more time to grow my blog and follow my own aspirations. Don't get me wrong I LOVE having little babies but I'm also looking forward to the next stage in their childhoods.

Big talk

Having said all that, I look at Maslynn now with her big gummy smile and her first two teeth poking though. It makes me teary to think that she will be our last little one. And don't even get me started on Esmae. She has become such a little girl all of a sudden. Yesterday on the way to preschool she told me she wanted me to go back to the hospital and bring her back another baby but this time she wanted a boy. I kid you not. What was I supposed to say to that!? It's bitter-sweet. Part of me wants to freeze time and have them stay just like they are right now forever. But then Esmae throws a tantrum and Maslynn spits up all over me and I'm jerked back to reality. That's the thing about parenthood though. It's so full of conflicting feelings. Every single stage is precious, precisely because it's so fleeting. No matter how many children we have there will come a time when we have to watch our youngest grow out of babyhood, toddlerhood and childhood. So for us, two makes just makes watch me get pregnant and have to eat my words.

What about you? What's your "perfect" number?


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. My perfect number is one for all of the reasons you mentioned. We are sans child right now but I agree with you, "what works for one family might not be right for another." People with children can be quick to judge the thought process of couples without children but who may be considering them. It really IS a huge deal :) Thanks for the insight.

  2. two plus two equals a beautiful number....