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Making art three ways

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Whether or not the temperature cares to admit it, the calendar says that it is officially springtime. I would beg to differ except that there is another sure sign that the season is in fact tipping her hat towards warmer days. My internal clock recognizes the subtle shift in mood and has awoken the spring cleaning, making, and interior designing beast that's been hibernating for months now. Suddenly I find myself wanting to actually do things again. Things like create an art wall for what we are now calling our, "sitting room." We already have an area that serves as our main living room with the telly, comfy couches and a play area for the girls. The sitting room is a bonus space. Our vision is to create a light filled room for relaxing, reading and making conversation and music. There will eventually be a piano in there along with my guitar which is already hanging on the wall. We have bookshelves and three large windows taking up the entire front wall. My idea is to make the other focal point of the room an eclectic gallery wall full of colorful artwork and photographs. I already have some of the pieces, most of which were collected from artist friends or found at thrift stores here and there. But working on a budget that's pretty much non existent, I'm filling in the gaps with some artwork of my own. 

Making your own art is actually really fun and simple. It can serve as a great form of self expression and a great conversation starter once the art is up on the wall. But what I really love about creating my own art is how easy it is tweak to my particular style and color pallet. 

Here are three different types of art I made recently that I think turned out great and that anyone could do. I promise to show you all the finished gallery wall once it's finally up. xoxo

Abstract Painting

All you need for this project is an inexpensive canvas from the craft-store, a few paint brushes of assorted sizes, water and acrylic paint in whatever colors you choose.

I love how this painting turned out but it took a lot of layers and a lot of trial and error to get it to this point. That is the great thing about this type of painting though. The more layers the more interesting it ends up looking. Another thing to consider is balance with color and shapes. A lot of the paintings I do are instinctual but I also like to study other artists to try and understand what kind of proportions and color combos work well together. You can do that by looking up abstract art on Pinterest. Pick a few of your favorites and try to decipher what made them so successful. The most important thing is to start. Put a base color down and go from there. It's so exciting to see what emerges. One other thing to think about is knowing when to stop. This took a bit of learning on my part. It's easy to want to keep going and tweaking until the painting is overworked. Take a break now and then. Walk away and come back to it with fresh eyes. This will help you understand if it really needs more work or is best left the way it is.

Triangle Paper Collage

For this project all you need is a sturdy piece of white construction paper and whatever kind of paper you want to use for your shapes. I used paint sample cards for the colored triangles and magazine cut-outs for the black and white pieces. You will also need a glue stick. 

I cut out triangles of the same size in different colors. I then placed them on a sheet of white construction paper and started playing with the design. Once I got a combination I liked I started gluing the pieces in place. It was that simple and I really like the end result. Another thing to note is how much nicer a simple piece like this looks in a frame. It really elevates the artwork.

Word Bubble Painting

White drawing paper and acrylic paint

This was by far the easiest piece of artwork I've ever done. All you have to do is paint the shape of a word bubble and whatever word you want to go inside. Practice the way you want your handwriting to look a couple times before putting it down on the final painting. Simple and again really nice in a frame.


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