Staying Stylish in Suburbia

Seven Years Strong

Monday, March 31, 2014

Seven years ago today I married the love of my life. It was an abnormally warm day full of forsythia and daffodils in the mountains we love, surrounded by the people we love. It's hard to explain how much this man means to me. He has seen me at my best and my worst, my most beautiful and my ugliest. He has comforted me in the moments of my deepest despair and delighted in my happiness. His quiet, constant support (no matter what) has never wavered, while allowing me the space to grow separately into myself. He is the most straight forward, honest person I have ever met. His selflessness is remarkable. His work ethic commendable. His intelligence turns me on. His humility teaches me. His sense of humor is so dry it drives me crazy...and then it makes me laugh. Becoming a parent with him and seeing the depth of love that he holds for our daughters has been the sweetest experience of my life. This is a man who challenges me to be better, to love myself, to strive for more. He is far from perfect, as am I. Sometimes I want to strangle him. I cuss and fuss and overreact. When I frustrate him he turns red and swallows his words. At the end of the day though I wouldn't want to walk through this world with anyone else by my side. He is my best friend and my family and he has my heart utterly and forever. 

I kin ye my B.B. xoxo

P.S. I loved this Rilke quote about marriage. 

“The point of marriage is not to create a quick commonality by tearing down all boundaries; on the contrary, a good marriage is one in which each partner appoints the other to be the guardian of his solitude, and thus they show each other the greatest possible trust. A merging of two people is an impossibility, and where it seems to exist, it is a hemming-in, a mutual consent that robs one party or both parties of their fullest freedom and development. But once the realization is accepted that even between the closest people infinite distances exist, a marvelous living side-by-side can grow up for them, if they succeed in loving the expanse between them, which gives them the possibility of always seeing each other as a whole and before an immense sky.”


  1. Beautiful!! Well said, Juniper! So sweet.