Staying Stylish in Suburbia

How to take a compliment like a toddler

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ME: What a cool drawing. You're such a great artist.
ESMAE: Yea. I make beeeeauuuutiful circles.

ME: I love your curly hair. It's so pretty.
ESMAE: Yea. This green barrette is my favorite.

ME: That was nice of you to share your toy.
ESMAE: Yea. I'm a good big sister.

ME: Wow! You just counted to thirteen.
ESMAE: Yea. I'm a really smart girl.

So you see, instead of denying the compliment (as we adults are so prone to do) all you have to do is whole heartedly acknowledge the praise, adding a little something to emphasize your sincere agreement.

And that my friends, is how to take a compliment like a toddler. May we all be so bold. xoxo


  1. I love this post. Made me smile and feel a bit sad that as adults we cant hang on to at least some of that sincerity.