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More of Easter week according to my iPhone

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It was a beautiful week leading up to Easter. Esmae and Maslynn's Gran was in town and we took full advantage of the weather. Here is a bit of our week according to my iPhone.

Easter Egg Hunt with Friends

I love this last picture of Esmae leaving hand in hand with her friends. It's so awkwardly cute.

A Walk through the woods 

The forest floor was covered with Bluebells.  

Decorating Easter Eggs

It was Esmae's first time decorating eggs and as you can see, she really enjoyed herself.  Mazzy was happy just to sit by and watch with her Gran.

First Date Night In Over a Year

I swear we were as giddy as two teenagers. 

Day Trip to Harpers Ferry


Local beer, ice cream, trains, bridges, wagons and the worlds largest river turtles. We came. We saw. Good times were had by all...especially Esmae. xoxo


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