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Foodie Friday- Healthy, crunchy, yummy new breakfast

Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm not a breakfast person. Cereal bores me, the texture of oatmeal turns me off, and although I am a southern gal that enjoys a good fried egg with biscuits and bacon, who has the time for all that mess? Not to mention, it's not very healthy or bathing suit weather friendly. I do understand the importance of having a well balanced meal to start the day off though. Recently, I rediscovered rice cakes and all the glorious goodness that can be heaped on top of them. At only 35 calories per cake, it's a great way to get some crunch without gaining a bunch, if ya know what I mean. Seriously though, my new favorite summer breakfast includes one rice cake with peanut butter and bananas and the other one with cream cheese and blueberries. You've got your crunch from the cakes and the protein and potassium from the peanut butter and bananas. Then you've got the calcium, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants from the cream cheese and berries. Talk about a perfect solution to the breakfast blues! Oh, and they're surprisingly filling too.

How about you? Are you a breakfast person? What's your go-to in the morning? Give these a try and tell me what you think. Happy weekend everyone! xoxo


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