Staying Stylish in Suburbia

How our kids can teach us to live a healthy lifestyle

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

As parents we understand that it's our job to guide our children. They look to us for direction and we do our best to act as role models. It's easy therefore, to take for granted that we (as adults) are the teachers and they are the students. When it comes to teaching healthy lifestyle habits however, we might be better off to look to our little ones for examples. Children are born with an inherent instinct for healthy practices. Unfortunately, over time those tendencies seem disappear as our kids begin to emulate our not so great grown-up habits. I'm often reminded of how I aught to be doing things simply by observing my daughters. Without knowing it, they are constantly demonstrating what experts would call, "healthy lifestyle practices." Here are a few examples of what I've learned about healthy living from my kids.

Posture- Talk about a vital (yet often undervalued) practice. My three year old and nine-month old stand and sit with the most effortlessly perfect posture imaginable. It's truly a thing to be admired. There are so many adults (myself included) that suffer from back problems, mostly stemming from misalignment and muscle imbalance do to poor posture. Whenever I see my girls doing what seems to come so naturally to them in the posture department, I am reminded that I need to work on my stance as well.

Staying Active- If you've been around a small child lately then you know that they are in a state of constant motion. While it's true that little kids have a lot of extra energy in order to fuel their growth, it's also true that one way to gain more energy is to stay physically active. The next time you're feeling sluggish, look no further than your own kids (or whatever kid might be a part of your life) for the inspiration to get moving.

Eating Small Meals More Often- Even though both of my girls have great appetites, they're still nibblers. By that I mean that they tend not to gorge themselves on any one meal. They're more prone to ask for smaller snacks throughout the day, an apple here, a piece of string cheese there, and then eat a reasonable portion at mealtime. It's the same type of eating that is encouraged by health experts and nutritionists alike. Our kids eat that way instinctively though, and I do my best to follow suit.

Sleeping well- Have you ever watched a baby sleep? It's the most peaceful thing in the world. When given the opportunity my girls will sleep thirteen hours a night, and that's in addition to their daily naps. The average adult on the other hand rarely gets enough sleep, even as more and more studies come out in regards to the importance of a good nights rest. It's not always easy to do but I find I have a much better day physically and mentally when I do literally sleep like a baby.

And there you have it folks, four great reasons to look to our kids to teach us how to live a healthier lifestyle.  How about you? I'd love to hear what other great healthy habit you've learned from your littles. xoxo