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Midcentury Modern Credenza Makeover

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We did a LOT of house projects over the weekend, one of which was completing this credenza makeover. I found this midcentury modern piece at our local Goodwill store and haggled them down to 30 dollars. The lines were great and I thought that the doors were especially beautiful. I considered keeping it exactly as it was but the wood was in rough shape from where it had been scraped up and bumped around over the years. Besides, I liked the idea of modernizing it a bit by painting the body white. 

This project took a lot of sanding and painting and staining. Every time the girls went down for their nap I was out in the garage working away. In the end I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out though. I think it looks like a million bucks! In fact, there is a similar piece (which I don't think is quite as nice as mine) that is selling for 1,645 online. Did I mention I bought this beauty for 30 dollars!? It's such a testament to what a little elbow grease can accomplish. 

I love it so

In case you see a similar piece somewhere and want to get the same look, here is what I did step by step.
  • Dismantle- The first thing I did was to break the piece down. I took out the doors and the inside shelves and unscrewed the legs.
  • Sand - Next I sanded down entire piece of furniture and vacuumed it afterwards so that no dust remained.
  • Prime- I then primed the area I wanted to paint, making sure that the primer went on as thin as possible in order to avoid pooling and bumps.
  • Paint- I chose my paint color (white in this case) and painted everything that I had primed, which in this case meant everything but the doors.
  • Clear Coat- After the paint had dried I covered the entire piece in a protective clear coat, including the doors. 
That's how I did it. Nothing too complicated. It was time consuming but well worth it in the end! 

P.S. Stay tuned for my gallery wall post coming soon. We hung it above the credenza and the two together make me swoon! I hope you had a great long weekend. xoxo


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