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Mother's Day at Old House Vineyards

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

If I had to describe my idea of a perfect day, it would involve sitting on a blanket outside with live music, good food and drink while surrounded by the people I love. Oh, and extra happy points if there happens to be a river, pond or ocean nearby. 

That pretty much sums up my Mother's Day experience this year. It's one of the perks of living in Northern Virginia that we are smack dab in the middle of wine country. There are tons of wineries and vineyards all over this area. We chose Old House Vineyards in Culpeper because it had a beautiful place to picnic with live music, wood fired pizza and a pond to dip our feet in. They also offered free wine tastings to mamas on Mother's Day. What could be better than that!?

Here's a little snippet of our day in photos...

I really enjoyed the wine tasting. The staff there were laid back and informative. I also liked the artwork on the bottles, which I was told were drawn by a family friend. Here are a few of my favorite selections from the tasting. 

VIDAL BLANC- "A semi-sweet white wine with flavors of pineapples, apricot and peach."

ROSIE ROSE- "A lush Rose made from Cabernet Franc with a bright pink color and intense Raspberry flavors."

CABERNET FRANC- "A clean and smooth Cabernet that brings a spicy notes to the nose and fruity character to the pallet."

I recently read this Food & Wine article  about 8 health benefits of drinking wine moderately. I thought it was interesting and wanted to pass it along. Cheers to all you Mamas out there! xoxo


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for a family friendly winery. :)