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My Birthday Bike Ride as a Metaphor for Life

Monday, May 12, 2014

My birthday and Mother's Day landed on the same weekend this year. Needless to say I've had a good couple of days. We kicked things off with a birthday bike ride.

It was our first time taking the girls out in our new Burly bike trailer, and as you can see they were pretty excited about it! Clearly they didn't do much peddling, but I can only hope that this is the beginning of a long-time love affair with getting physical in the great outdoors.

I hadn't ridden in quite a while either and it felt great to get back on my bike.

Notice how Brent is wearing his bike shorts and shoes and a pair of bike gloves? Anyways, the point is I totally made fun of him for getting all geared up in order to go on such a low-key ride. Before we left home he offered me my bike gloves and I refused, thinking it was silly. He just shrugged. "I've scrapped my hands up too many times from falling," He said.  "But suit yourself."  And I did...

We rode through our neighborhood and then over to a nearby frozen yogurt shop as a little reward after all that exercise. 

 Here we are all red faced and happy after the ride. 

Oh so yummy! 

Next stop was the grocery store for a carton of milk before heading back home.

Esmae had to catch up on the celebrity gossip mags of course.

On the way home I was in such a good mood. It was a beautiful day. I was out riding with the people I love and my heart was literally bursting with gratitude and happiness.

Then at the last minute we decided to go down a steep hill and onto a dirt bike path that would take us through the woods. The hill itself was paved and I was behind Brent and the girls. We started going down and thinking that I would run into them, I put on the brakes a little too hard. The next thing I knew I had flipped over the handle bars and landed on the concrete with my poor bare hands. The bike came down on top of me and I found myself sprawled out on the concrete, scraped and bruised from the fall. Talk about instant Karma! The first thought I had was that I shouldn't have been teasing Brent about those gloves. 

Yep. Lesson learned. 

Later that Night 

Bread pudding cures all!

The day might have been ruined but later that night (after Brent had bandaged my wounds and resisted the urge to say I told you so) we got a baby-sitter and went out for a birthday dinner. It was at one of my favorite little Italian places with the best bread pudding ever, and I left feeling happy if not still a bit bruised. I suppose I could look at the whole experience as a metaphor for life or the coming year. Not that I should always listen to my well intentioned husband or anything ridiculous like that, but rather that sometimes when you're cruising along happy as can be, life tosses you off and scrapes you up good. It's not fair but when that happens you've just got to bandage yourself up and sink your teeth into something sweet again. Here's to turning thirty-two! xoxo


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