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Our New Gallery Wall and Tips for Making Your Own.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Our gallery wall is finally hung and looking mighty fine, if I do say so myself. This was a fun project. Art walls are great because they're so personal. Most of the artwork I used was either given to us by artist friends, found at thrift stores, or made by me. I bought the blue feather and antler prints on Etsy and the little Degas replica of the dancers was purchased years ago from a museum gift store. The rest of the pieces were just images I liked and wanted to add to the mix.

I really love how the bookshelf acts as an almost 3D continuation of the gallery wall itself. Likewise, with my guitar hanging to the left. It all feels very haphazard but harmonious somehow, which suites us perfectly. Anything overly polished would have seemed strange in the midst of our otherwise colorful yet chaotic lives.

A few tips I learned along the way 

1. Give it meaning. I tried to use pieces that held significance for us for whatever reason. It makes looking at the finished gallery wall that much more enjoyable. Plus, it's a better conversation starter if you can explain why you love a certain piece or that it has a personal story behind it.

2. Fillers are fine too. Even though I wanted the wall to have meaning, every piece didn't have to be special or sentimental. I also felt fine about using something just because I liked it. Period. 

3. Get inspired. Before I started this project I went onto Pinterest to look for inspiration. There were a couple of paintings on there that I loved but couldn't afford. My solution was to paint something similar myself. My point being that you shouldn't let your budget stand in the way of creating a great gallery wall. Even if you don't feel comfortable making the artwork yourself, you can still print pictures out or frame an album cover from a thrift store. Just get creative with it and have fun!

4. Mix it up. When it came to frames, I wanted to use different shapes and sizes. That made finding them cheap (either on sale or at Goodwill) fairly simple. 

5. Choose a color pallet. Even though I wanted my gallery wall to be very eclectic, I still needed something to tie it all together and make it feel cohesive. I did this by keeping a color pallet in mind when choosing or making my artwork. 

6. Pre-arrange. Once I had all my pieces collected, I laid them out on the floor, arranging them like a puzzle. You don't have to strictly stick to the plan once you hang them up but having an idea helped us avoid unnecessary redoes and extra nail holes in the wall. 

7. Eyeball it. We didn't get too technical when it came to the spacing in-between the pieces. An eclectic gallery wall doesn't need to look too tailored or perfect in my opinion.

8. Sit with it for a while. Once we were finished I sat back and admired our work. There were a couple of things I switched around after a few of days but that's all part of the process. 


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