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Yoga with my Three Year Old

Monday, June 9, 2014

I recently came across this wonderful yoga poster for kids. I showed it to my three year old and she was so taken with the drawings that she asked if we could try out the moves together. I got out the old yoga mat (dusty from lack of use I'm afraid to say) and we set about going through the poses together one by one. 

While living in California (before I had two kids) I did yoga at my local gym three times a week. It was easy. I would drop Esmae off at the little daycare there and have a blissful hour to myself. I loved my yoga practice. Not only did it strengthen my muscle tone and endurance, it was also the most relaxing workout imaginable. I left feeling renewed and replenished every time. 

Fast forward to now and my yoga practice with a wiggly, demanding toddler. It wasn't nearly as relaxing. Still, I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun we had. Since that first morning, we've turned our yoga practice into more of a routine. On the days that she doesn't have preschool in the mornings, we roll out the mats and get our "Downward Dog" and "Happy Baby" on. It feels great. My body is loosening to the movements again and I am beginning to re-discover my breath. All of which, I might add, is highly beneficial when trying to find the patience for parenting. 

If you think about it, yoga has a lot to offer kids too. This article from PBS Parents has some great insights on the types of things that young people can learn from practicing yoga. Things like respecting their bodies and understanding balance, breath, and quieting of the mind. It's a discipline but a fun one, which is also a great lesson for kids to learn early on. Now Esmae is the one reminding me that it's time for our yoga. It's the perfect motivation to get my day off to a good start with her happy and me more mellowed out. 

Below are a few of the moves Esmae and I have been going through during our yoga routine together.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, opinions and experiences in regards to your own yoga practice as well as doing yoga with kids.

Namaste y'all! xoxo


  1. So cute. I'll have to show Ava that poster. She's done yoga once before and loved it. I intentionally tried some kid yoga at home years ago with Emile in an effort to help with calming him down. I'll have to bring it back, especially for the summer!

  2. So cute think my girls need this....if only I could do yoga....haha!!!! You inspired me giving it a go!!!!

  3. How do I love this? Let me count the ways. I think I am going to draw some of these too. Thanks Juniper!