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Mazzy Turns One with a Backyard Birthday Bash!

Monday, July 28, 2014

I don't know how it happened. I don't know where the time went. Somewhere between the moment I made that last mighty push and the days following filled with nursing, nuzzling and nights without rest, my baby grew into a toothy, smiling child, eager to eat and play and explore the great wide world. One whole year has gone by, loving and playing with my sweet Mazzy Jo. What a gift and what a girl she is turning out to be, sweet and feisty and full of life. She loves music (banging on the toy piano and strumming my guitar) and following her big sister around like a little puppy. It's such a treat to watch them begin to play side by side. She also loves being in on the joke. When we are all sitting around the table and someone says something funny, Mazzy laughs along with the rest of us even if she's not quite sure why.

We decided to throw her a backyard birthday bash. I invited our friends that have little babies closer to Mazzy's age, along with their siblings who were more Esmae's age. It was a hot day, but we had a grand ole' time grilling, lazing on blankets, swinging in the hammock and running around with big balloons and bubbles.

I love this "Oh Joy!" lanturn from Target. 

It's funny to think of Esmae as one of the "big kids" now. 

I made these tassels to hang on the pine trees.

As the big sister, Esmae had the honor of helping Mazzy open her gifts. As you can imagine Mazzy was most fascinated with the wrapping paper itself. 

She wasn't sure what to think when I placed this big cake in front of her.

Then I cut her a slice and as you can see she was delighted to dig in!

As the host I spent part of the time running around trying to make sure everyone had what they needed. Eventually I was able to relax though, and take in the sweet scene with my friends and family. Esmae was totally in her element. She is such a social butterfly and loved every moment. Most importantly though, the birthday girl seemed to enjoy herself, especially once we cut the cake!


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