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Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Monday everyone! I know that's an oxymoron to most but I'm actually really happy today. That's because after taking a break from the working world for a while, (to be with my girls) I am officially back to the grindstone. Why, you might ask, is this cause for celebration? Well, besides the obvious benefits of having work, I'm really excited about the website I'll be writing for and what it stands for in general. In fact it hardly feels like work at all. I get to do what I love, while working from home for a cause I wholeheartedly believe in. Somebody pinch me! 

Wellness Warrior was founded by the legendary Deborah Szekely. Deborah is a 92 year old activist, entrepreneur, James Beard-nominated author, former diplomat, and a leader in the modern organic garden movement. 

Wellness Warrior was born out of her vision to create a space where people could go to get the latest curated news in health and wellness information, along with advocacy, and petitions, as stated on the website itself.

"By curating, gathering, and sharing news from top reporters, experts, and researchers all across the front lines of health research and advocacy, Wellness Warrior provides you with a literate, engaging one-stop gateway to the many battles being fought today to PREVENT illness BEFORE it ruins the lives of us, our children...and all future generations."

My job as an online curator and writer includes scouring the web for the latest and most interesting health and wellness news and then writing it up for our readers. Whether it is an article on the new "Digital Detox Movement", the most delicious, "End of Summer Recipes",  how "Corn Could be the New Gluten", or the breaking news that Perdue plans to, "Stop Pumping it's Baby Chicks Full of Antibiotics", Wellness Warrior has got you covered. 

Check it out and consider signing up for their weekly newsletter, The Well, or liking them on Facebook to stay connected with the Wellness Warrior community. 

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